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Advice on schools please - Adelaide Hills

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Our family is looking to move to Adelaide next year and I was just seeking some advice on schools.
My kids, son 9 and daughter 10, currently go to a private school here in the UK so we are ideally looking for something similar....in the Adelaide Hills - Belair region.
Does anyone have any advice on the different local schools, preferably we would want a co ed. school for them both to attend, and whether or not I would need to enrol them asap in order to get a place?

Thank you in advance

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If you are wanting to go private and in the Belair area then perhaps look at St Johns Grammar. Its got a primary and HS. 


You've also got Scotch in Mitcham down the hill a ways.

We know people with kids at both. We are also considering them for HS for our child in a couple of years. And a couple of other private schools also. Plus the local state high school which we both really liked. Having taken tours of various schools now, I am keeping an open mind. 

TBH as to if its similar to your current UK private school only you will know once you take a tour. As to if you need to enrol, I'd not worry as until you are here and have visited it and some others schools to compare. What might suit one child, may not suit another. Or you may prefer a school with a different outlook/approach. 

You can use this website to research more info on all schools 




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Thank you for getting back to me. All your comments make sense...I’ve been reading about different schools on their websites but seeing them in person is a totally different perspective. Its always good to hear other opinions from people in the area, being so far away means relying on what you read on the internet. 

My daughter will start senior school Jan 2020, so ideally a school with years R-12 would be our choice so they are at the same one.

Its just all so daunting and overwhelming. As parents we just want to make the right choices for them, seeing as we are moving them away from friends, family and a stable life...

Thanks again, I’m sure I will be back with more questions!



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If your eldest is 10 then it could be they won't start HS till 2021? I only ask as my son is 10 and in Y5 here currently and so has another 2 years of primary and is the very youngest in his year group because of how the year cut off works here. It doesn't run with the school year as it does in the UK. Some kids are a year or more older than him in his year group (as much as 16 months older with a few kids in his year as it turns out, although that is not the norm).   

Y8 is the official start of HS here but quite often lots of kids go to a state primary and then parents move them across to the private system in Y7. Most private schools these days have a Y7 intake to adjust to the private HS setting and also to be in line with other states. Its worth noting South Australia is going to transition Y7 into high school from 2022 anyways. So schools will only go up to Y6 from then on https://www.education.sa.gov.au/sites-and-facilities/year-7-high-school   Ours is in a state school at present and very happy but understands we may opt for private for HS. Quite a few of his friends we know won't be attending Y7 at the primary school as the parents take them out to move them into the private system then. 

Keep in mind that often the schools, although they are R-12 don't have the primary and HS within the same campus. Usually close by, within a 5 minute drive or so. If you are going to be living in Belair/Blackwood/EdenHills area then I'd think if St John's suits it makes more sense than having to leave earlier in rush hour to get down the hill to a school and be stuck in potential traffic queues for ages each day. At least being local its easier to get around for school drop offs or pick ups if the kids are not walking, taking the train or a school bus. 

I've sent you a PM to explain our school situation a little bit better and perhaps give you a different aspect to consider 🙂






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