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    Guest Jane & Tony

    Hi All

    Well, just to let you all know we have dropped our house 10k and our rental house 17k!!

    I've thought long and hard about it. We have to get our visas validated by 17th Dec 2008 so we've dropped both properties till the end of August. If they have not sold by then it's obviously not the price, it's the market and they can then go back up and we will wait the recession out.

    It is hard to know what to do but as I see it it all depends on how much you want to get out there.

    My OH is 45 next month and i'd rather go with less money and rent in Adl for a bit longer than we'd hoped and save up.

    We started with "nowt" 14 years ago and we were happy. I'm sure we can start with next to "nowt" and be even happier, especially if the sun shines down on us!!!!


    To all you people waiting to sell out there. Think about how much you really want to get away from this miserable island we call "Great" Britain. With petrol and domestic fuel pricing us out of having any sort of life and not to mention the food bill at the end of every week! Mines gone up about 35 quid a week!!





    Love J&T XX

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    I know it is really frustrating, if you have to leave stuff for sale there when you move, make sure it is what you really, really want. It may be harder than you think to go back 14 years and have nothing again.


    All the best, hope your property sells soon.

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    Not a bad idea to rent initially when you get here.


    It will give you a chance to get to know a bit about Adelaide and where you want to settle and also with the rates where they are and possibly looking to go, up again! paying a mortgage can be quite a struggle if you are not putting down a hefty deposit!


    Also take in to account the initial fees, stamp duty etc, huge compared to the UK.


    Bear in mind that the cost of living is increasing here as well, food, petrol etc!! but your right at least the sun is shining! (most of the time)



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