Guest paul smith

Hello form the Smiths

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    Guest paul smith

    Hello Everyone,


    Paul and I have been checking out PIA for a while now and have at last got round to working out how to use it, and sending out a message.

    We are currently waiting for our Visa, we have been told that it will be here at the end of July o8. Wether that happens we will have to wait and see! But if it does pan out we hope to get out in September 08.

    Paul is a gas engineer and we are currently applying for his registration to work under supervision for an employer in Adelaide.

    I have had many jobs in the past but have run the gas buisness with Paul over the last 9 years. Its long long hours and we run it from home so its hard to get away from it at times, but the business has done well. We are selling the business good will as of 1st August 2008, this is a very scary moment.......but it is time for pastures new......(being positive, but boy have we been pooping ourselves at times!)

    We have two boys Oliver aged 7 and Isaac aged 3 ( will be 4 in Sept) I would be interested in getting to know other mums who have children that love the outdoors and all the kinds of things they like getting up to.

    The boys have asked me to post a message on the for the kids forum, so will do.

    Well not a lot else to say, so I shall sign off before I send you all to sleep, but hope to meet some friends through this site.

    Becky (36) Paul (39) Oli and Isaac.;)

    Crowborough East Sussex

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    Hi & welcome to PIA. Not been a members long ourselves, but read some very useful information on here. Hope the visa comes through soon. I'll not be holding my breath for ours - we only applied in April so we'll probably be here for a while yet.


    Best of luck


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    Guest caoimhe

    Hi Becky

    Welcome to PIA, it's a great site.

    I have 4 boys all who love the outdoors that is the reason we want to go.

    Good luck to you all

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    Guest Django

    Hello Becky and welcome to PIA,


    We all go through the 'Oh Gawd what have we done?' Its only natural. There are loads of outdoor types on here. We are looking into doing some serious camping when we get settled. Good luck with the visa. Keep us updated.




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    Guest mOZzy

    hello and welcome to pia :wubclub:


    good luck with getting your visa and selling your business.

    it's scary for all of us so you are not going it alone!!!


    we have a 4yr old and a 2.5 yr old and only just recently since the weather is so much nicer i can't keep them inside [hooorraaaayyyy]

    before that i couldn't get my 4yr old off his computer :goofy:


    and we also like lots of outdoor things and we so hope that once in oz we can pick it all up again!!

    OH wants to learn kitesurfing and we like to go camping too (pete, might bump into you then ;))

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