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    To all on the other side.


    I was in the pub today with a few other members of PIA and we were discussing this site and the visa process times etc etc.


    One of things we were talking about was the posts at the moment about depalys in processing times, of the four of us there it ranged from one of us being in OZ for a year to literally 2 weeks, what came out of the convversation was the fact that we had forgotten about how painful it was waiting for our final decision and the stress we all went through.


    I guess what I am trying to say is that the wait for the Visa seems forever when you are waiting but when you do actually get the go ahead it is so worth it!


    What seemed like it would never happen is just a distant memory, hang in there, your time will come!!!!



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    aahh thanks mate

    for thinking about us stressed out going slighly mad:sad:people

    chin up everyone our time will come(one day)



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