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Advice please!?

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Good morning / good evening all! 

I apologise now for the long post. 

Me and my partner and 2 children are at the very start of starting our journey to Australia from the U.K. We have family there and have seen it work for them and want a better life for us and our children! My partner is a drainage/civil engineer which is on the SOL list. I suppose I’m asking if you guys know which is the best visa to try go for? As we keep reading and reading up on everything and just getting more confused! Also if you can recommend any migration officers to contact? And any more information you think may be helpful to us! 

Thanks guys!! X


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I would recommend that you find an agent first and see what there advice is on which visa to go for. They will know and help you through the process as quickly as possible. 

We went to a company called the Emigration Group and were really good and fees were reasonable. 

If you know for definite that you want to come to Adelaide you could go on the 190 visa which means you have to stay in a state for at least 2 years or there is a 189 which you are free to live anywhere. 

Both of these are skilled permanent visas which will probably be the best way with you fella being on the skills list. 

My advice would be to get as much information as you can about your partners job as they will need to see documents about where he has worked and letters to back them up, qualifications and you may need to get a letter from the college he attended also. 

Hope this helps in some way. I’m an electrician and went through the skilled visa option. 

Good luck

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Hello and welcome.

Just to add, before you sign up with a migration agent, always check the reviews/feedback on the company properly. Check their MARN number. There are a number of very dodgy migration companies out there and people do lose money and don't gain a visa. There are plenty of good ones so you should be able to find a decent one 🙂


Be prepared for the costs that will come with using an agent and have a budget and savings for a potential move. The visa process itself can be pricey and then there are all the other costs to factor in including medicals, police checks, removals, shipping and so many other things that add up. Then flights (sometimes visa activation flights are required with an actual move to Australia at a later point then), start up costs for once in Aus (rent, bond, car, food, bills, phones, courses/registrations for employment purposes, medical, dental etc) and savings to last you a good few months at least as sometimes work doesn't happen straight away and it can take people time to find something. 

While I appreciate your reasons to migrate, the 'better life' aspect, please keep in mind Australia doesn't magically fix things or give you that instant better life. It isn't without its own problems. It can also be a long hard slog as a migrant (those savings disappearing fast and not being able to land a job quickly can often cause new migrants a lot of upset and woe and perhaps see them question why they made the move) and a huge emotional rollercoaster. No one can tell you how its going to go and you won't know until you are here if you will settle, be able to work through things and if it rears its ugly head, cope with homesickness. Be prepared for things to perhaps not be straightforward or easy and so if it does get tough, you'll at least have planned or discussed for the crap times and can hopefully work through them to come out the other side. Of course, things can be a bit more straightforward and work out well after arriving, but its worth being aware and preparing for all eventualities. 

If you are set on South Australia keep in mind much of it is pretty removed from Adelaide and if its Adelaide you want to aim for do your research into it all carefully. If you are looking at one of the smaller cities or large towns, there are a few options that may appeal elsewhere in the state be it closer to Adelaide or further away. Check realestate.com.au or domain.com.au for rentals to give you an idea. Also keep in mind, should you make the move, where you start off in a rental isn't always where you'll end up settling in the long term. Often costs, work commute, schools etc play a part and see people move areas to suit their needs in the longer term. Some do stay where they start off though 🙂 We moved areas after 7 months as we had never really planned to stay long term where we started off. It was nice to start with and gave us time to explore and work out what we wanted from an area once we decided to buy. Our wants/preferences soon saw us looking towards the hills. We changed schools also at this time. 

Good luck with it all. Be prepared for a bit of an emotional rollercoaster going through the process and don't be afraid to ask questions 🙂 I remember asking very few visa questions as I was able to sort that myself but did ask a fair few questions about local laws, regulations etc that could impact on us (dog laws/parks, school zones, medical/dental and more) and also some more lightweight things such as soap powders and tea! It all seems such a long time ago now and tbh once here living (holidays are very different beasts) the little things fell into place and I tried all the soap powders and shopped round for tea and it was fine 🙂 





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