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Visa Condition 8558 Confusion- Help Please

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    about 8 hours ago · #1
    Dear Friends
    Sorry if that has been asked here before but somehow i couldn't understand the way i need to count the days....So please help with simple formula.... Appreciate all.
    Hope you all are good. Here I need a big help from experience people in regards to understanding of Visitor Visa condition of 8558.
    My Mother got 3 year Visitor visa (600) with condition of 8558 means can't stay more than 12 months in 18 months total. She got her visa on 21/09/17, made First entry on 9th Nov 17 till 05 Feb 18.. Second Visit 26 April 18 till 27 Sep 18. Current Visit 11 Dec 18- Till Now
    Are she still under Visa condition of 12M/18M? How long can she stay this time?(Exact Date if Possible)
    I am planning to call her back on September this year so will it be okay? If yes, then how long can she stay with us then?
    Very Very Confused & can't think more.
    Please help to calculate her stay in better way?

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I developed a small software for the people who is struggling to calculate the must depart date and return date for their parents hold a 600 visitor VISA with 8558 condition.

The software address is: http://8558calculator.vpsnz.com/

This is just for your information only and give you an idea of when your parents should leave Australia for not breaching the VISA condition. Please double check the calculation result yourself, if you have any question or concern about the 8558 condition, please contact the immigration office.

While if you have any suggestion or question about the calculator, please contact me.

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My wife and I too am in the same boat. 

We have spent following periods in Australia:

1 Nov 2018 to 10 Jul 2019 (8 1/2 months approx)

Now we came on 7 Nov 19 and booked to go back on 21 Feb 2020

3 yrs Multiple entry with 12 months stay in 18 months Visa granted wef 12 Sep 2018. So visa is valid till 11 Sep 2021  

Can we again enter Australia for few days before 2 May since our 18 months cycle ends on that date. 


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