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Need advise on Visa 887 Application

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I am the primary applicant of a 489 Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (under Family sponsored) & my spouse is the only dependent. We all have the condition 8549- Must stay/live/work in the DESIGNATED area(s) (Including entire Victoria). The Visa 489 is valid till August 2019.

I have already met the requirement of 2 years living in Melbourne & worked for more than 1 year since Sep 2016 till now. However, my wife is still not permanently live in Melbourne (She is living in overseas at the moment and plan to move to Melbourne only in April 2019).

I need some advises on Visa 887 Application:

(1)   Understand I need to wait for my spouse to be in Melbourne first before I can submit the application includes her name together via IMMI Account.

My question is if I don’t include her in the application now and what kind of visa and how can I apply for her in the later time?

Based on Question in the Immi Account:

Is your spouse/de facto partner included in this application? (answer: No)

If no, is your spouse/de facto partner intending to join you at a later date? (Answer: Yes)

(2)   Based on question - Have you lived for at least two years and worked full time for a total of one year in one or more regional area?

For my case, should I choose “Yes” or “No” since I have the condition 8549- Must stay/live/work in the DESIGNATED area(s) (Including entire Victoria) ?

(3)   Do we (me & my spouse) need to get the Police Clearance from Overseas again since we already provided once during the Visa 489 application. Or wait till Case Officer ask to do so? Similar for Health Check, etc…?

(4)   At which point in time do we need to submit the required documents like Police Clearance, Characters Check, Form 80, Form 1221 & Proof of Functional English (For my spouse). As I don’t see any section require to attach any documents when I try to fill up some information for Visa 887 application ?

(5)   Since we are eligible to live in Entire Victoria for visa 489 now (under Family sponsored).  For Visa 887, are we still eligible to live in Melbourne ?

Thank  you in advance.

Best Regards,


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