Guest skellysgirl

i need help with vetassess application please

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    Guest skellysgirl

    I am at the point where i can start my Vetassess application


    And i need help from some of you please as i am doing it all myself


    My skill is assessed by vetassess ... so i am assuming i just fill in the online assessment

    after that what else do i do.


    It says its just the online form , i am guessing that they then contact me and ask for my certified docs which i think are...


    my degree/diploma supplement


    and 2 photos

    can they be scanned and sent or do they need to be hard copy signed by an official etc?




    Do they just accept my degree (Graphic Design) or do i have to do some other assessment?

    I have come across quite a few people who have had to write accounts of their jobs, but I have noticed they tend to be people in the trade area, so i am not sure if this is applicable to me.

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    I will be completing my Vettessess application online, once thats completed I will then be posting all my certified copies of my qualifications , passport, photo's, etc...., through the post. Vetessesss only require qualifications and do not request anything about job descriptions or work references, hence me going through Vetessess.


    Good luck



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