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Phil the dec

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Hi everyone

I am currently going through the frustrating process of the visa application. My partner and I have decided that we would like to live Adelaide. We would hopefully be making the permanent move next May 2020. We would be bringing an 11 year old boy and his 19 year old sister. We do not know to much about SA so any info would be appreciated. I am a decorator so would be looking for work in that genre. How is the work situation? We would bring coming with a decent deposit for a house so can anyone recommend where a nice place to settle is. I have looked at Aldinga beach, and read some good reviews.  As I have said we are really going in blind so any information would be great.

Thanks in advance

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Me and my family moved to Adelaide around 2 and a half years ago and we had never been here or knew anything about SA other than what we had read. We have a 21 year old and 10 year old daughter who live here with us and a 25 year old son who is currently in Sydney. 

I’m an Electrician so similar type of role that you are looking into. I have to say that jobs in the construction industry is booming at the moment whether you work in commercial or domestic. The jobs market is different over here where it’s better to get out there and introduce yourself to companies rather than doing it on line. You will have to get a license to work over here also but you will probably get to that when you are closer to the move. 

We haven’t really been anywhere else in Australia but we love it in Adelaide and we are looking at building our first home in Seaford this year which is not far from Aldinga. We have lived just about 15minutes from the city for the last couple of years and like it around here but a little bit too expensive. 

We prefer the south of the city rather than North. The beaches are really good and much quieter. The roads and connections are pretty decent and improving all the time. 

Adelaide is classed as a small city and it’s very easy to get around and public transport is very good. We never really struggle for things to do.

Hopefully this helps in some way and I’m sure there will be other people with advice on different areas 

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Starting out in Aldinga with a 19 year old would be too far out for me personally. Even with a train route from Seaford its still a 15 minute bus ride from Aldinga to Seaford train station. Plus then the train time into the CBD. Or wherever else you happen to need to go (uni; Adelaide or Flinders say or Tafe for example). https://adelaidemetro.com.au/routes/SEAFRD However, it may suit all of your family down to the ground. I've no clue as to your personal wants/preferences/social activities etc, just going on what I know of and take from Aldinga and how it appeals, or rather doesn't appeal to me to live in. People live there happily of course, but it really is not for me and even less so factoring in kids/teens. 

I'd suggest looking a bit closer to the city at least to begin with. Then take your time researching areas, seeing what appeals, looking carefully at schools for your 11 year old (keep in mind high school won't be far away), commute to where your work may be based or tend to take you. If you are a decorator then you could well be travelling a reasonable distance from your home so may want to base yourself somewhat more central to Adelaide itself and not in one of the outer lying small towns or far out suburbs. 

When we moved over we spent 7 months living in Glenelg and used that time to explore, find areas we liked that suited out lifestyles and what we hoped to get out of living here etc. Plus schools for primary and then in future high schools played a big part. We ruled out early on we didn't want beach side suburbs or anywhere on the flat around Adelaide. So we looked to the east, the Hills and the southern hills suburbs mostly. And settled in one of those, about 15 minutes into the southern foothills from where we had been living. Its like being in another world tbh it is so different from the flat city suburb living of Glenelg. Beaches are an easy 15 minute drive away from us now. Plus we are a short drive from the train line into the CBD. And also its about a 30 minute commute by car to the CBD in non rush hour. Can add on an extra 10-15 in rush hour depending on where exactly we are going and what time in rush hour we are in. Can be down at Westfield Marion for mall shopping within 12 minutes or so. And good access to hospitals, GP, dentists, local shops and so on. And up here we are surrounded by amazing wildlife, huge gum trees and open countryside not far from our door. Koalas, roos and even echidnas are often sighted. Sometimes in our garden 😎  But still close to everything thanks to the car and train 🙂

Once it comes to buying a house, your budget will dictate where you can afford to buy. Obviously closer to the CBD or the city beaches and its a fair whack more on the price. You can get more for your money as you move further out north and south but not all of those areas are going to appeal for you to live in the long term. 



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Hi our visa took about 9 months from first Emigration interview to gaining the visa. 

Are you doing it yourself or going through a company? I have heard if you do it on your own it can take up to 18 months. It probably depends on what visa you are coming out on too

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