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Resident Return Visa

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Hi everyone,

first time poster, long time ditherer!

Has anyone experience of applying for resident return? My PR Subclass 100 expired a couple of months ago. My wife is from the Adelaide Hills and we’re still planning on making the move. Work has kept us in HK a little longer than planned.

Does anyone have an idea of how long a resident return visa takes to be approved and how long you have to validate it etc? We’re thinking July 2020 to finally get to SA.



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I don't recall the ins and outs of the RRV but if your PR partner visa has expired and you've only ever validated and not actually taken up residence in Australia within the timeframe they give you, you may well have to prove you've strong ties to Aus and explain your plans and why you've not made the move already. If they grant a RRV it may be for a year, perhaps 6 months. Its been a while since I did any reading on partner visas and the RRV granted off shore so don't know the current usual practice. 

If you apply now but don't plan on making the move till July 2020 it may well not be extended for long enough to allow you to make the move. I don't recall there is any validation time on it, just they extend the visa for X amount of time and its then a use or or lose it type situation. 

Also visa rules change often and what is valid now, may not be in 6 months time. TBH I'd run your case past a decent migration agent so you know what is what. 



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