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Hey Guys,

Lodged 887 application on 07/11/2017

Requested to provide for 80 and AFP name check in may 2018

Due to an issue with my name in my passport asked to provide another AFP name check, form 80 and another form called "Declaration of Service" they asked me to also make sure i had completed FORM 1399 (i have never been in the military anywhere anytime) this was in Oct 2018.

Uploaded all docs within a week on 24 Oct 2018

No updates since then....on IMMI online it just says further assessment.

CO was Adam when the last set of docs were asked for in Oct 2018.

Anyone have the same experience? Also i saw on this or another forum that Adam might not be in IMMI anymore...



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    • By chandra
      Hi All,
      i am silent follower of this forum. i applied 887 on feb 10 2019 my currrent visa 489 expires tomorrow july 31.
      i am working for software company they are in doubt that immigration granted me bridging visa a after i lodge 887 application.
      when i try to check my bridge visa status is VEVO it errored out.
      when will be active only after my current visa expires which is august 1. will immi send me another bridge visa active on e ?
    • By chandra
      Hi all,
      i applied 887 visa this year February 10 2019 ..any idea how long processing takes
      global processing times for 887 visa is 16 months to 20 months.
      any idea how frequently visas granted.
    • By Happy and lucky
      Hi All, being on 489 visa can we visit New-Zealand or we need tourist visa?
      For tourists visa do we have to get it done from our home country or from Australia?
      At last, if we want to visit Europe from Australia(while on 489 visa), from where I will apply Schengen visa, Australia or home country? 
      if someone had similar experience and want to share their perspectives/thoughts please:)
    • By BulletAK
      Hi Guys,   I am new to this forum and sorry if this has been discussed earlier. But a little help would be much appreciated. 

      I will be on subclass 489, stay in a regional area (Adelaide) and working for a company outside of Australia. I would be able to show work contracts, payment proofs into my Australian Bank, pay all applicable Australian tax and fulfill the 35h / week requirement by working remotely from Adelaide to support my clients overseas.

      Considering all other conditions are met, would this work for 887?

      Thank you.

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