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Moving back to the UK

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Wanted to see if anyone had experienced going back to the UK.

I have been here 5 years.  Due to feeling lonely and isolated after going

through a difficult marriage.   Most people don't quite understand and think

I must be crazy to go back but when you feel so unwell and unhappy it feels like

the best thing to do.

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I can understand your wanting to go back. Sounds like you've had a rough time of it and if you are not happy here and would rather be in the UK and can make that happen, go for it. 



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Sorry to hear you are feeling low, if it helps, i mentally plan to move back about every 6 months since iv'e been here - (13 years ) :-0

I've just come back after a month in the UK  and i really miss my family and the UK's proximity to everything and everywhere, the humour but mostly just being Home.

Realistically though, how long would that feeling last if i didn't have the option come back , I do wonder .

I'm not big on giving advice, however one suggestion would be to secure your citizenship before you leave ,  later down the track  you  may have a change of heart and it will give you options, to return to Australia ( remember it doesn't have to be Adelaide ) or New Zealand. Not sure of your financial position , but perhaps you could make your journey back an adventure, travel a bit maybe in Asia, see something on the way back, it can be done on a budget and it could give you something positive to focus on.

I have a busy life with work and my son but outside of that life is very isolated but when speaking with my UK friends its pretty much the same at our age ( 40's)

Best of luck with your decisions, when one door closes another one opens 



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