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Hi all... My wife was granted 489 visa before 2 years. Myself and our son are dependents in the 489. We made our 1st entry and returned to our home country. My wife continues to work in India. I moved here almost an year ago and has now satisfied 1 year payslips of 35 hours/ week. I will have to reside in regional Australia for 1 more year to satisfy residency condition. My family will be joining me this december, and at that time we will have 16 months of 489 visa left. As condition says any member who holds 489 visa and satisfies the condition for 887 can become primary applicant for 887 visa. In that case I will be the primary applicant for 887.

Now my question is

1. Can I apply for 887 visa next June when I complete 2 years Residency and 1 year fulltime employment, with my wife and son as dependents?

2.or is it necessary that my wife and son also satisfies residency condition of 2 years?

3. if in case they have to satisfy residency condition of 2 years, at this late occasion (where I have only 21 months of 489 visa left), what can be done - as by any means my family cannot complete 2 years of residency even if they come at the earliest.confused.gif
Cant get more information from Website as it says condition 8539 to be followed. 8539 just says while in Australia we have to live and work only in regional/ designated area.

I request you all to please help and guide me...

Thank you

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