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Richard burns

Price of schooling

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Hi we are considering moving to adelaide but need some info on schooling.

we have a 9 year old boy and a 1year old boy. When i looked at state schools it said they are free but you contribute a fee, most sights are skating around how much it actually costs per year to send you kids to school.

hopefully someone could enlighten me on costs per year and any other charges that are hidden.

thanks alot.

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This is always worth a read to get your head round how it all works


The fee you are asking about is actually a materials and services charge and there is a minimum set amount schools charge. However, be aware many schools can and do charge a little more than this. Schools in less affluent areas are probably not going to charge more than the minimum. As you move into more affluent areas you'll probably find some schools charging a bit more. I don't know what the basic rate these days is but I do know our school charges $430 which is a fair chunk more than the basic set amount. Its reflected in the facilities and materials they have on site. Far more available than at the primary school ours went to when we first arrived where we paid the minimum amount. Also we are in a more affluent area and of things like fundraising done by parents/school tends to occur far more than it did at our previous primary and it shows in the improvements the school is able to make and the materials it is able to offer etc. Far superior to the first school in those respects for sure. As it is in every other area also tbh. 

AFAIK (unless its changed in the last few years) you don't have to pay the fees again should you change to a new school mid year. We moved mid year and had paid the fees at the start of the year at the first school. Our new primary said no fees to pay if we moved over as you only pay them the once each year. Seems like it works all round and is a fair system that way. 

FWIW you can probably find the charge of school fees in the annual handbook of whatever school you are reading up on. Their websites should have a Parent Handbook or some such and thats where I found the school fee charge, not listed directly on the school website. 

As for other costs, there will be things like school trips/camps, sports events (ie if your child participates in a school sports team there is a charge for that), optional individual music lessons on school site, swim week and things like the school canteen if you make use of it (we do packed lunch daily as hate the canteen). Also school uniform, backpack and perhaps an iPad or tablet if your school has a programme and you wish your child to have their own device rather than using the school ones. Can't think of anything else really. Pretty much same as what you would have there. 

High school materials and services charge is more again but you've a few years before you get to that. 

Your one year old won't factor in at present as too young for kindy yet. You are looking at daycare for him if you do need something. That is a whole other thing and costs for that will vary of course.

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