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Richard burns

Best suburb for familys?

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Hi we are in early stages of visas etc for moving to adelaide.

i  am a electrician and my wife works in retail we have 2 young kids, can anyone recommend any areas to research for renting a 3 bedroom house?

any family friendly areas that are reasonably priced close to work areas?

thankyou Richard  

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That could be anywhere. Honestly, Adelaide sprawls for miles and you can live north, south, east or west. Your commute could end up being 10 minutes or 70. You just don't know till you are here and it begins to fall into place in terms of work, areas you like and can afford, commute times, schools and so on. 

I'd say your starting point should be what you can reasonably afford and work out from there. Work out the costs to migrate, the flights, visa costs, shipping, short term rental to give you time to find something a bit longer term perhaps,  deposit and bond for a rental etc, funds for a car and drivers licence, insurance etc and then ensure you have savings to support yourselves for at least 3 months if not more. 6 months would be even better. You'll have bills, shopping and so much more to pay out for too. 

Once you have crunched the numbers, work out what you can realistically afford to rent to begin with bearing in mind you could be a few months without work and so the dream of a house with pool near the beach may be something you need to work towards rather than having from the off. Then research if you prefer coastal or inland and investigate those options. FWIW you don't have to live in a suburb right along the coast, you can also look a few suburbs inland also and still be at a beach within 10 minutes drive. What sort of lifestyle do you have now as that probably won't change too much once here. If you are active out doorsy people there, chances are you will be here. If you are stay at home bods there, you probably will be here. Moving the other side of the world doesn't automatically mean your own lifestyle will change drastically or become amazingly better overnight. It can be a slog to get to where you want to be and may mean a tough ride to start till things fall into place. If you like the coast, look along it, if you don't mind being a bit more inland, look there. 

I'm not going to suggest specific areas as honestly, I like what I like but others would disagree with me. I know where I would and wouldn't live in and around Adelaide but my preferences are not for everyone nor theirs mine. 

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Thanks snifter you have been really helpful.

We are saving at moment and we have the house to sell in uk.

i have a bit of cash in the house but dont want to dip into to much as i know il need it down the line for a deposit on a mortgage.

What do you do for a living? And how fast did you find work?

if i can pay for move and visas etc out of savings how much would you say it would cost there to get set up with renting a house, cars, schools, utilities etc?

How quick did you apply for a job etc ? Because you need to get house first and car as a priopity.



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I didn't work to begin with. My husband worked from very soon after we arrived (has laptop, can work anywhere sort of thing) and we decided I'd focus on the home, school and all the other things to get us going.  

I've been here over 5 years now so I don't think my job hunting is really relevant to todays job market. Plus I've not worked full time since arriving here, I've stayed part time so we don't have to use OSHC and it was what we wanted. I've been in the same job for a fair few years now. My husband has been in employment since we arrived, changed jobs a couple of times and is very happy in his current role. 

If you are an electrician don't you have to get certified or some such to be able to work here? I'd factor that in to and the time/cost of getting set up. 

If you don't have a job I'd think you could still secure a rental so long as you can provide the deposit, bond and show proof of decent savings so the landlord knows you have funds to pay for the house. Look in to this and see if it could be possible. 




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Ye its a bit of a scam really, fully qualified with years of experience.

i have to do a overseas assessment in uk which is 1 day and is 3k, if i pass i cant work unsupervised until a complete 12 months experience in oz to gain their electrotechnical cert which i allready have.

need 12 months to get my licence, but 90% jobs ask for licence so dont know how its going to pan out.

my wifes in same boat as you with kids etc so have to weigh up nursery cots against salary etc.

would you say its been a good move financially aswell as socially?

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