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Port Adelaide

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I thought I would start a suburb guide thread about Port Adelaide, mainly due to the large amount of residential construction that is due to start on the dockfront area over the coming months. Port Adelaide (or 'the Port') is an interesting one - once the bustling main port for the City of Adelaide, in recent decades industrial activity and therefore the population has dropped dramatically. Teeming with heritage colonial-era buildings (which luckily avoided the wrecking ball that devastated many of the CBD's heritage buildings during the 1960s-1980s due to the lack of economic progress in the area) the Port has great potential for a Fremantle-style regeneration and there are now signs that this process has finally started.

Back in 2016 the State Government sold off 40 hectares of what was described as "the last undeveloped waterfront land in Australia" to a number of different housing developers. Whilst there is a common masterplan for the area governing building heights etc, each developer is free to develop their parcel of land largely as they see fit - be this through apartments, town houses or a combination of the two.

Whilst I don't think the Port would be the first choice for a prospective migrant to consider for accommodation at this stage (as these are still very early days in its revival), it is worth keeping an eye on the suburb as the next few years will be pivotal in the regeneration of the area (especially to any migrants who may be looking to come over as part of the ship/sub building boom).

I'll try to keep this thread updated with news about the development(s) and the area in general.

Here is an article from the Adelaide Advertiser today:


Dock One construction work gets underway
Roads and utilities are being built at the $168 million Dock One development in Port Adelaide as they prepare to build the first homes next month.

Construction has begun at a $168 million housing development in Port Adelaide.

Groundwork started this month at Dock One in readiness for the first townhouse slabs to be poured in August.

The first 46 houses are expected to be completed by mid-2020.

Utilities including electricity, water, gas and internet are currently being installed as well as part of the housing estate’s road network.

The initial stage of road and utility construction is expected to be completed by September with a second round following in November.


Artist’s impression of Starfish Developments’ Dock One housing project at Port Adelaide

Starfish Developments managing director Damon Nagel said he was “very excited” to be “digging dirt”.

“We’re super-proud to be in this position and we’re on time, which is always a great thing,” he said.

“The works at Dock One make a bold statement of intent and confidence in the Port, where residential development has previously been hampered by false starts and promises.”


Dock One development in Port Adelaide.

The wider 750-home development features a dockside piazza, boardwalk and pavilions, along with green space, including a park with barbecue and picnic lawns, sporting facilities and an exercise area.

The old Marine and Harbors building has been incorporated into the plan as a motel with retail space on the ground floor. A rooftop bar and outdoor cinema are also planned.


Artist impression of the Marine and Harbors Building as it will be transformed into a hotel.


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Interesting to read about the development side of things up there. 

I worked in Port Adelaide for a year or two. Like you said, I'd not be running there to live right now but I can see how it has potential a few years into the future if these developments go ahead. 

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Yeah it will be interesting to see how things pan out over the next 5-10 years. It's got such beautiful bones with its intact heritage buildings - it just needs the population and investment to bring it back to life. Apparently Fremantle was in a similar condition until the late 80s when the America's Cup came to town and spurred on some development. Hopefully the same will happen for Port Adelaide with the anticipated ship/sub building boom.

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