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Starting from Scratch

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I’ve just registered for this forum. Back story is a year ago I turned down a job in Singapore, and ever since I realised there’s a desire for something else. 

My best friend moved to Adelaide 7 years ago & believes I would do well out here. 

Im a qualified teacher both in school and further Ed with two post grads, for the last six years I’ve ran and owned a digital marketing agency, I’m a web designer & a capable SEO & digital marketer. 

My husband is a fine art landscape photographer & skilled in graphic design but also has project management skill in site management 

I don’t know where to start, which routes to take; do I apply for a visa or apply for jobs. Where do I start?!

we have two daughters 7 and 5 and I have two adult sons who are still in uni so would for the most part remain here in UK but may look to follow later 

thanks so much in advance for any advice 



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Hello and welcome. I'm a bit out of the loop with the actual visa process these days. However, given what you've said above, I'd suggest the visa first route. That is if you or your husband are eligible and able to apply. There is a skills list for visas and if your profession is on there or you or your husband have the relevant skills to meet the requirements, then you could investigate that further. I'm honestly not sure what, if anything you would qualify under to apply for a visa these days. I've not looked at the skills list to know. If your teaching degree is 3 years then that might not be enough as IIRC Aus requires the 4th year. FWIW, teachers are plentiful here, at least in South Australia in the metro area. Its out in the sticks in regional Aus they tend to be needing them. 

For example, this visa may be something to have a read up on https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-independent-189   Keep in mind if you are over 45 and the main applicant, there is an age limit. 

Also, you mention your adult sons at uni. I don't know they would be eligible to go on your visa application with your younger kids and spouse. There are certain requirements to be met once a child is older and out in the world and they tend to be pretty firm on this. It may well be your older sons would have to be in a position to apply for their own visas later on down the line.

Given your situation and your rather mixed set of skills/quals I'd say you may well do to run your case past a decent reputable migration agent to assess and see if there are any options for migrating open to you. Go Matilda would be a good place to start https://www.gmvisas.com/ Alan Collett over there should be able to look your case over and give you an idea of what you are facing. 

Keep in mind migrating is a huge undertaking and expense. If you are all on board as a family (I'm not counting the adult kids here as they are off living their own lives) and up for the challenge and have the finances in place to make it happen, great. If any of you are unsure or you are not in a great position financially, then consider if its wise to make the move. The visa process is the first part of a long process that can have a great ending but could also prove to be a real struggle and cause problems after migrating. I'd research in great detail about life here in South Australia/Adelaide and if it would be somewhere that could suit your wants/needs and lifestyle. Also research employment as it can be an issue for some. Look into the young adults job market also if your adult kids could follow. 



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