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Renting and moving

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Hi I am hoping I have done this right. Been a while since I have been on here.  I am asking anyone for advice. We are considering going back to the uk for 6 months next year. But we have our house here in Hallet cove that would need to be short term rented out? Can anyone help how I go about doing this? It would be party or fully furnished.  The right candidate would have to really take care of my house and garden!! It’s a family home suites for family and pets.  3 bedroom 2 bathroom. Secure back yard and drive way that for 3 vehicles. It’s close to Hallet cove shops and near all schools. 

Also I am asking for advice on how I go about takin our wee dog back to Scotland to? Who and where do I start looking for this?  And how much are the fees for this? 

Its a big step but we have family circumstances over there and don’t want to sell out house as we will be coming back. 

I would appreciate any advice given. Thank you 

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If you want to rent it out for a short term furnished let then you are probably best to talk to some decent real estate agents that deal with lettings. I'd want to make sure its all covered with regards to insurance (as its your home and furnishings), given the all clear with the bank/mortgage lenders if required and that you have a decent rental contract in place. If you are wanting a more casual arrangement, not sure what to suggest. It could be you could find a UK family who are migrating and would like to rent it from you for 6 months but you'd need to research and advertise etc. Its not something I would recommend but I have heard of people doing this sometimes.  

Also not sure what the tax implications are for renting out short term. You may want to check on this also. 

Re the dog, that is going to be a huge cost to ship both ways inside of 6 months. Its based on the size of your dog so if small  it will of course cost less but its still far from cheap. When we looked into it 6 years ago from UK to Aus our whippet was going to cost about £2,500 to ship plus all the vets fees, vaccinations etc. Then the quarantine kennels cost was easily another $1,000 once here. Your dog would need to comply with the vaccination requirements for both countries and rabies bloodwork etc will be needed iirc. Then any quarantine costs if required. 

Aus to UK https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad

UK to Aus http://www.agriculture.gov.au/cats-dogs

If there is only a 6 month turn around and you have a set date of return, check this will be ok re the rabies vaccine and blood testing going from UK to Aus. Suggest you get in touch with some reputable pet shippers both here in Aus and also in the UK to discuss further. Be aware you may need to get the blood tests and vaccinations underway at least 6 months before you plan to travel. It is not something you can leave till a couple of months out. And flights for shipping do get booked up so ensure you have it all planned to fit into the timeframe you have in mind. 

Also as its a 6 month time frame check about the Aus import rules for bringing a dog back into the country within 6 months of departure. This may make a difference if you can bring them back with more ease within 6 months than once the 6 month window has passed http://www.agriculture.gov.au/cats-dogs/cats-dogs-returning-to-australia

Aus to UK there is Jet Pets https://www.jetpets.com.au/ and Dogtainers https://www.dogtainers.com.au/ to get you started. 

UK to Aus pet shipping try giving Bob at Pet Air a shout https://www.petairuk.com/  There are others but you can research those if you want. 

Good luck. 



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