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What happens if I cancel my current visa?

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I have a few questions about the repercussions of cancelling my current visa status...

From what I’ve read by cancelling my current visa it will also cancel the bridging visa I have in effect, there fore I will be unlawfully in the country... if I immediately apply for bridging visa E, how long will this take to come into affect? I’m concerned with the time of year this wouldnt be actioned before Friday 20th December and imagine the department will be closed until the new year... 

I’ve considered travelling overseas to action the cancelation but then believe I won’t be able to receive a bridging visa without being the country, and also by cancelling a visa it can cause issues coming into the country in the future... 


Would love to hear any advice if anyone has canceled a visa before?

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I'd advise you to contact a reputable migration agent to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. 

If you carry on without out fully knowing what you are doing and stuff it up, you could really stuff it up.



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Would love to hear any advice if anyone has canceled a visa before?

Try a detention centre!

It might pay you to consult a registered migration agent for advice about your possible strategies.

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Have you checked to ascertain whether you can apply for a bridging visa E before you become an unauthorised non citizen?


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        We had applied 887 visa in December 2018.our 489 visa is expiring soon and we have got bridging visa after expiry.Can we move to city on bridging visa or we still need to fulfill conditions of 489 visa? I know few agents and all of them give mixed suggestions. My husband is the main applicant for 887 and has fulfilled the condition however I was wrongly adviced by agents and have worked in city for few months.I left job soon after realizing that I might be breaching visa by working in city.This information was declared on form 80 in the 887 application submitted. I hope we get through as we have always done the right thing since we are in Australia. Anyone had similar experiences please? Your suggestions will be much appreciated.  
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