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1 yr Visa with multiple entries

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my in laws have a visa which allows them to stay in Australia for 90 days then they must leave the country for a day and can return for anothe4 90 days. I’m not sure what it is called. My father-in-law did it online but now they want to stay passed the 90 days. They have been advised that they can apply for an extension but this must also be done online. They were directed to a website and told to follow the direction but they are unable to complete it.

Has anyone else managed to do this? 

kind regards,

Shelley Scott

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Hello, I been following this forum for 17 month already. Since I apply for my PR. 

I applyed on 4/07/2018. Firs contact was in September 2019 asking about additional address prof, tax assessment, a letter from my employer, and pay slips. It is funny, my situation is very simple. Since I arrived I am living at the same place, I have full time job since  2016.... But still did not get anythjng.. Annoying....

And some people who applied in October 2018 receiving grants , what about July??? Looks like they just ignoring it.. 



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22 hours ago, Shelleyscott said:

Yes, this is the visa they are currently on.


Notwithstanding that immigration uses the term, visas cannot be 'extended'. Another visa must be applied for, but his might not be the best strategy. It might pay you to consult a registered migration agent.

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