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Dear All, 

First post on this forum and I find it really helpful..😊

My Question is my wife and I were staying with one of my friends house ( I would like to call it sharing - but he was facilitating us till we settle down) for our first 2-months in Adelaide. After 2 months we moved out renting a unit for ourselves. I have bank statements, Salary slips, Medical Insurance letters, NCC clearances, car rego for that 2 months but neither rental agreements nor rent payment slips. Would it be simply enough to get a letter signed by him that we shared their house ? or should I draft a rental agreement ?

Much appreciate your feedback..


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      No updates since then....on IMMI online it just says further assessment.
      CO was Adam when the last set of docs were asked for in Oct 2018.
      Anyone have the same experience? Also i saw on this or another forum that Adam might not be in IMMI anymore...

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