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Important things to follow after 887

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Think this should be a good space to discuss and share the needful things to do after grant 887.

  • Call centrelink and obtain a CRN
  • create a mygov account and link Centrelink
  • if you don't have medicare just relax it will come to you by post within 14 days
  • If you already have an interim medicare card( the one you got when applied PR) you will still get the green card by post. But the last digit will be changed in the card than the interim card.
  • If you submit a claim throuigh centrelink and you have dependents they will automatically assigned a CRN
  • Install the express plus centrelink app in your mobile and you can see their CRNs 
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@Jessi Thanks for your feedback on the other thread, and as you said medicare card came in post. Citizenship channel is too young for some of us and thought of creating a new topic to share what we need to do after the grant.

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Regarding interim Medicare card. Do we need to go to Centrelink to apply for the permanent “green” Medicare card or they will send it to us without us doing anything after getting the PR?


if you check the Medicare site they are asking us to show proof when we get the PR in order to get the green Medicare card. Or can we apply it online? Anyone has any ideas?

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