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Dealing with Rude customers

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    Guest jojo

    Hi all

    Thought I would share with you an email my friend sent me about an employee from a well know airline and how she dealt with a rude customer.

    Wish I could think of quick replies like this, and get away with them



    A flight 767 Flight at Sydney airprt had been cancelled and an attentant at the desk was dealing with a long line of very unhappy customers who were waiting to be transfered onto another flight.

    Suddenly a rude man pushed to the front of the queue and slapped his ticket down on the desk, and said in a loud voice I NEED TO GET ON THIS FLIGHT AND I WANT FIRST CLASS!! The Attentant repiled in a calm voice " if you dont mind I am dealing with the people in front of you and I will attend to you, if you would like to get in the line" The man replied in a very loud voice so everyone in the queue could hear him " DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, I WANT THIS FLIGHT"


    The attendant in a calm manner stopped what she was doing and picked up the microphone which would be heard all over the airport terminal.


    "Attention ladies and gentlemen, i have a passenger here at desk 14 who doesnt know who he is, if anyone could help him, please come to desk 14":biglaugh:


    The queue of people all started laughing at the man who by know was getting really mad.

    F*** you he said to the attendant,

    Yes sir replied the attendant, "if you want to do that i suggest you still get in the queue":biglaugh::biglaugh:


    Hats off to people who know how to deal with rude customers.



    Jo xx:wubclub:

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