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Hello from Cheshire

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👋 Hi 

We submitted our 190 VISA in Feb 2019 and have been waiting since before Covid to hear anything about our application. We have just had an email from our agent to say we need to have our medicals and police checks. Hopefully our application is on the move for approval! 

We don't know anybody or have visited Adelaide before so looking for any helpful tips or suggestions that will help with the move eventually! Unsure where to live or schools to apply for. My husband is an electrician so don't really need to be city based and we don't want long commutes to work/schools. We would like to be nearby the beach and somewhere that has lots to do such as parks, cafes restaurants and family orientated. 

Our daughters are currently 8 and 2 and the eldest plays football, husband is also a football coach and currently managers a team here in the UK so would like to continue out in Adelaide. 

We have a Campervan that we would also like to bring over, so if anybody has done anything like this please let us know. 

If anybody has any helpful advice they can offer, please send them our way. 

Speak soon 

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Hi. I've been in Adelaide for over 17years, so I know it pretty well. I'm originally from West Yorkshire, and I hadn't visited before either. 

If you want to live near the beach, I would recommend go south of the city for value for money. Housing is very expensive (though it may fall) so further south the better. I've lived all over Adelaide, and I'm now in O'Sullivan Beach. It's a bit rough-hence the private school. But is on the improve. Lots of poms like Hallet Cove- they call it Little Britain. Port Noarlunga is nice, and Moana and Aldinga are lovely. Consider Christies Beach. It is up and coming. 

As long as you avoid the Northern suburbs especially Elizabeth, Davoren Park, Salisbury you should be OK. 

Also depending on your budget/suburb/values you might want to consider private schools. Private schools are quite a big thing here. I've put 3 kids through the state system. And I've got 1 in a private school, and I wish I'd have sent them all private- but that's just my experience. There are a lot of great state schools, but they are usually zoned. 

There is a southern soccer league that plays at O'Sullivan Beach. And a junior league too. 

Lots of employment opportunities. 

Can't advise on the campervan. Sorry. 

Best of luck.



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Hi Janine 

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply it means a lot. Thanks for your helpful advice a lot to consider and re search into. 

That's great to hear about the soccer League, I will have a very happy daughter and husband 🙂 Good to know there is plenty of employment opportunities. 

We did see an air B&B in Seacliff that looked really nice, Do you know much about this area? 

Thanks again 


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Hi we have been here for 6 years now and we are from Cheshire and North Wales. I am an electrician and had to go through all the stuff your husband is probably doing now. 

We live in the Southern Suburbs at Seaford Heights. It’s a new estate so built our own home up on a hill with a sea view. Only a couple of minutes from the beach and also the amazing wineries in McLaren Vale. 

Our daughter goes to a private school mainly because we didn’t like the look of the state schools in this area. We are happy that we did it and it’s not too expensive. 

If you want to be near the beach definitely look at the southern suburbs. Depending on your financial situation you can go from Glenelg/Brighton that are expensive all the way down the coast roads down to Seaford or Aldinga. The roads are not too bad so commute can range from 35 to 50 minutes to the city from here depending on time of day. 

The southern footy league is pretty good as there are a lot of Brits in the south. 
I also play casual 5 a side on a Tuesday night and always looking for fill ins if wanted a kick about.

Can’t advise on the camper van but we sold our camping stuff when we left thinking we would never go camping here but we are nearly back to where we were before because we love camping here an lots of places to go. 

Good luck with all the medical and police checks and hopefully it won’t take too long for the offer to come in. 


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