Shipping small amounts?

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    Hi everyone,


    When (and if) we finally move, I don't think we will be taking enough to fill a half container. We will have a cot (flat packed), tumble dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, adults bike, 1 sideboard, 1 tv unit and then stuff that goes in boxes - clothes/ photos/ toys (but not too many!) etc. Can you use your own boxes or do you have to use the shipping companies boxes? Just that I have loads of plastic storage boxes.


    Anyone shipped a similar amount and what did you pay?




    Jo xxx

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    Guest Deb17

    I used cardboard packing boxes (from Argos) and a mixture of plastic containers with extra cardboard boxes (when I ran out of the other ones!) and as long as you seal everything up carefully with packing tape you shouldn't have any problems. The additional cardboard boxes I used had to be ones that had not contained food items, as traces of food could be a potential quarantine hazard and customs might get picky. I swiped some large boxes that computers at school had been delivered in and used those! We had 30 odd assorted size boxes, as well as some small furniture items, and door to door the shipping came to just over 1300 quid!

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