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    Hi all,


    Just some advice please if anyone can help. I have been reading numerous threads regarding job prospects. We are applying for the 475 temporary visa. My OH is in the print trade and his current position is in the print management sector. Does anybody know if there is much of a requirement for this kind of work. We have looked at a few websites and posted his details on them should any suitable vacancies arise. Does anybody know of any recruitment agencies in the print area?


    I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant CACHE Level 3. Having read a few threads it appears impossible to get a job in this line of work. Would I need to retrain or do voluntary work in Oz.


    I previously worked in adminstration/secretarial sector (19 years in fact). I am showing my age! I have RSA in typewriting (typing speed of 80wpm) and pitman 2000 in shorthand. Does anybody know if these qualifications are recognised in Oz because this maybe a route I could go down to get work.


    Sorry to ask so many questions, but would appreciate any comments advice that anybody could give.


    We are so enthusiastic about the possible move to Oz, if we are successful, and we know it won't be a bed of roses to start with. We are trying to do as much research as possible to help us nearer the time.


    Sorry to waffle. Thanks again. Some great posts on this site.

    Trevali x

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