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Pom not quite in Adelaide - visa help needed!

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    Guest richbest80

    Hi everyone,


    Having read quite a few of the threads and seen some of the excellent advice provided, I thought I'd register and tell you all my the hope of also getting some advice!


    Myself (British) and my fiance (Australian) are based in the UK and have been together for 17 months. Although we are now engaged, we can not apply for a prospective marriage visa as we are getting married in Thailand in January 2009. So the de facto visa seems the way to go as we hope to move to Australia after the wedding.


    We lived together independently between 15 September - 25 November 2007 (15 September was the earliest date we could move in together due to separate contractual rental agreements), then we visited my future in-laws in Adelaide (with me on a working visa) where we lived together, but also with them in their family home until end of February 2008. We then came back to the UK and have been living together since 5 March 2008.


    Does anyone know whether our living situation above would count as 12 months together, if I applied on 15 September 2008? That is the only eligibility requirement I'm stressing about!


    There are probably more questions I want to ask, but there are so many things buzzing around my brain, I can't think of any just now!




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    Hi Rich

    Welcome to PIA. will try to help. Can you tell us about your experience over there. Where did you stay and what did you like?

    We applied as a defacto. Part of that process apart from providing bills and letters address to us both at my address (the place we lived) covering a 12 month period, we also to had to supply airline tickets to prove we both travelled together and photos of our holidays together.

    We also had to do statutory declarations about our relationship and so did our family and freinds to confirm our relationship. All these had to be certified by a solicitor.

    Your partners parents should be able to include on their stat decs that you lived together whilst in oz.


    It would be alot less stressful if you applied once you are married or get married sooner if you really want to be in oz as soon as possible.


    this is a shorter version of my first reply, so if you need to know any more about what we had to supply, give me a shout.


    Carole n Andrew

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