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100 things you need to know about Aus!

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    Guest Roo1

    Snaffled from A New Life Down Under forum. All credit goes to Cathy.!!:idea:



    Get a brew, sit down, relax and enjoy the read....


    1.Be careful if your sat at traffic lights waiting to turn and there is a crossing. When they change people can cross the road even though the lights are red.

    2.Never drop in on someone else's wave when surfing.

    3.Always put the steaks on before the snags.

    4.It's called the ocean, not the sea.

    5.Bin day is a weekly 36 hour-long festival.

    6.Cruise control is a licence saver.

    7.Always check your change

    8.Always check the expiry date on food packaging

    9.Always have a can of fly killer handy

    10Always get a place with aircon (and that doesn’t mean our own KK Dave!!)

    11.Never leave your dirty clothes on the floor, the white tails love this.

    12.Never speed, you will get caught, even a few k over the limit

    13.Always park in the direction of the traffic or obey the parking signs

    14.Don't daydream on walks, watch where you put your feet. Nothing so grumpy as a basking snake with your size 10's on it's tail.

    15. always wear a hat

    16.always wear sunscreen or clothing that covers the skin

    17.always carry bottles of water

    18.Call football soccer or everyone will think you're talking about AFL

    19.Don't let your dog off the lead unless there's a sign saying so. Rangers lurk everywhere!

    20.If you want chips, it's hot chips, otherwise you'll get crisps.

    21.In the summer put your washing out at night! saves it over drying and fading.

    22.Always check under the doona for stowaways!

    23.Always give the washing a good shake outside before bringing into the house.

    24.Don't buy loads of fruit and veg in one go, it goes off real quick, better to buy a small amount every couple of days.

    25.Don't put the sun visor down in the car while you are driving..make sure you are stationary,,just in case of spiders.

    26.Never ever say I have been having a root around, it means something a bit different over here

    27.Get used to calling an engine a motor.

    28.A strimmer is called a whipper snipper.

    29.A jubilee clip is called an hose clip.

    30.A golf buggy is called a cart and a golf trolley is called a buggy

    31.Don't get your English thongs and your Aussie thongs confused

    32.Don't put your washing out at night if you have bats around, you'll never get the cr*p out of the clothes

    33.Don't go out in the midday sun. Especially don't lie out in it for a long time. You will get sunstroke. It gives you killer headaches and makes you vomit.

    34.Always park in the shade.

    35.Keep all your fruit and veges in the fridge. In fact keep just about everything in the fridge.

    36.Don't try and grow tomatoes outside in summer. They cook on the vine! Well in outback Queensland they do.

    37.If you live in Queensland, don't live in a brick house. The traditional wooden Queenslander house was built for this climate and there is usually no need for air conditioners in them.

    38.Expect that when you make friends here they might just pop round anytime.

    39.Buy whitegoods etc with cash and then you can ask for a discount. This applies to using your EFTPOS (Switch) card as well.

    40.When you are using your top loader washing machine for the first time and you have overloaded it and it stops spinning suddenly, just open it up and redistribute the items inside rather than angrily ringing the manufacturer and demanding a refund for a faulty item!

    41.Expect to stand on the escalator all the way up and down regardless of how rushed you might be. There is no stand on the left rule here.

    42.Expect to fill in a tax form every year.

    43.Learn to scare off the other 15 potential tenants, looking at the same house as you at the same viewing, by pointing out loudly any faults. It hasn't worked for us yet but we keep trying.

    44.Get a job lined up before you get here if at all possible.

    45.Get used to being called a Pom and expect all sorts of assumptions about the UK that have been formed from movies where everyone is upper middle class, upper or royal.

    46.When it all seems just too hot and it seems like Summer is never going to end just cast your mind back to those days when in deepest Winter in the UK you imagined the day you could once again walk outside in a short sleeved shirt. Because if you live in Queensland all year round you will be able to do that. Even in Winter by midday it is usually warm enough to take off the jumper or cardie. So that is another rule. Never forget the jumper or cardie in Winter when you set off out for the day because when night falls you will need it.

    47.When your second Australian winter arrives and you're shivering with the cold, remember it's only 8 weeks long, not 8 months, so be thankful

    48.Sweets are 'lollies' but ice pops are 'paddle pops' and lollypops are 'lollies' or 'lollypops'

    49.Don't waste money buying Cockcroach traps, I've not yet seen a cockcroach small enough to fit in the traps hole, they just use it as a step to reach things.

    50.Don't buy cleaning products that say something like "And it really works" on the tin. It doesn't.

    51.Each state is very different, assume nothing because we all know what assuming does, makes an ass out of you and me. NSW is the worst state for stealth taxes and over regulation, also the most expensive state to drive in.

    52.Remember you can't take your dogs into national parks.

    53.Don't bother with ant sand, the houses are too big and the ant sand bottle way too small. Buy ant traps instead and put them in the path of the ants, kills the nest within days.

    54.Don't leave un-eaten dog food on the floor, The ants love it, so do the flies.

    55.If you see a snake or other nasty in the house, don't run away, keep your eye on it and call for help, You will never sleep well again, if you let it get away and can't find it.

    56.Creatures get in through light fittings in the ceiling so fill the gaps with pollyfiller.

    57.Make sure your outside doors all have creature seals on them.

    58.Don't have turn ups on your trousers.

    59.Always poke your mail in the mail box before you take it out, The fireants seem to like it in there.

    60.we call skivers - bludgers, lollys - ice blocks, icey poles or ice creams (depending on the variety)

    62.sweets – lollies

    63.trousers - pants (always get weird looks in the UK when I'm talking about what 'pants' I wore on my night out!!)

    64.if you are called a spunk - take it as a compliment and not that someone has just called you a sperm

    65.Polo necks are called Skivvys

    66.jumpers are called Windcheaters

    67.bodywarmers are Vests

    68.Don't expect to be 'let out' from a side-turning anytime this decade - just barge out unapologetically.

    69.If you let someone out of a side-turning and they thank you with a wave - they're British.

    70.Receipt is a docket.

    71.Lolly-shop is a sweet shop.

    72.Slab is a box or crate of 24 beers.

    73.Five dollars will last you approximately 15 minutes if you bet 10-lines a go on the pokies

    74.Twat is wholly different thing to twot

    75.bedding is called Manchester

    76.a sideboard is called a "buffet

    77.Vests are singlet

    78.courgette is zucchini

    79.spring onion is challots

    80.challots are brown onions safeway- good taste magazine every motnh, it helped me get to know, whats what with food and whats in season etc and good recipes as well

    82.tuesdays in victoria is cheap day for petrol so fill up

    83.dont buy cadburys, buy dove(exact same as galaxy)

    83.take passports everywhere when you first get here, for id

    84.always take a plate of something going to a barbie, even if they tell you not to, take some sort of food or snacky thing.

    85.take your own drink ALWAYS

    86.expect people to undertake on left and fly in front of you on roads

    87.spray bottom of legs at night if in garden or barbecuing in dark for mozzie bites in bulk (telfast) from pharmacy for mozzie bites, anti histimine. mozzies love the british blood as very sweet apparently. plenty of fresh garlic, deters mozzies apparently and also vitamin b6

    expect to take little virus's and bugs when you arrive as immune system low and getting used to climate change etc

    90.layby your xmas toys/gifts at end of june/july to get them at sale price

    91.if you dont have a big fridge, get a spare for garage for summer for drinks and beers etc

    92.keep money aside for kids school, unexpected , fundraising , excursions and books, uniforms, outings, and more books etc even if at public

    93.dont get disheartened when applying for jobs if they dont get back to you, very few send refusal letters, in fact nobody really does an esky(coolbox) as soon as you arrive, most used thing here

    95.dont bring uk, dvd/tv combis as cant get signal for tv channels, only good for watching dvd

    96.dont leave any water round sink at night or on draining board, attracts the ants

    97.get used to having quick showers

    98.if you dont ride a bike, learn and get one, as the done thing here

    99.a router for wireless internet is called a (rowter), or they may think you mean something else

    100the toot is the loo(toilet)

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    Guest caoimhe

    Dear Lord I'll never remember all that - will probably be the laughing stock of Oz:biglaugh:

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    Guest Deb17

    Bl**dy brilliant!! It's all true.

    Never realized how acclimatised I'd become to Australia until I read it.

    I'd forgotten all the things we had to learn from scratch when we arrived. It made me laugh so much....

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    except in adelaide its the bay (glenelg), the beach(anywhere else in the city(the coast out of town beaches and it is called the sea cos we are not on the Ocean like Perth , melbourne, sydney etc. Our sea is a gulf. You can sail up the gulf.....cross the gulf....etc

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    Guest Deb17
    except in adelaide its the bay (glenelg), the beach(anywhere else in the city(the coast out of town beaches and it is called the sea cos we are not on the Ocean like Perth , melbourne, sydney etc. Our sea is a gulf. You can sail up the gulf.....cross the gulf....etc


    Good grief. Don't you have a bed to go to? Have you seen the time? :notworthy:

    Thought I was the only one still up at this godforsaken hour ---- not having a job to get up for in the morning! :mad:

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    Blimey will never remember that lot!!! Will look a right pillock when I eventually get there:goofy:



    Kim x

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