Subclass 457 Lstv Pros & Cons

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    Hi advise will be of some help.

    My wife who is a nurse has been offered a job at the Womens and Childrens Hospital in Adelaide through a sponsirship.Because shes not sure she will settle we have been advised to go on a subclass 457 long stay tempoary visa and if she gets to love living in Adelaide then apply for a PR visa.

    Can anybody tell me of the pros and cons of being on a subclass 457 long stay temporary visa and if it is feasible to apply to PR visa once in Adelaide


    Cheers Steven.

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    Guest Andrew Rose

    Hi Steven,

    Thats how we got here. Me on a sponsored 457, with a job to go to. 2 years ago. Employer sponsored me for an 857 visa (Regional Sponsored Migration scheme), which we got in January. Usually you have to be here 2 years before applying for the permanent visa, and you have to be under 45. In my case that wasn't an option (46 by the time 2 years is up). The migration agent's advice was go for it anyway, the age thing can be waived on the flimsiest of reasons, and applying before the 2 years was okay too. I'd take an agents advice on the importance or not of waiting for the 2 years. On RSMS you're tied to the employer/sponsor for the first 2 years of perm res, unless you can find a new employer who will sponsor you, and that employer has to be in 'Regional australia'. This is the case with the 457, so it might be worth checking whether your wife would be limited to working in the same job, or any job at WCH, or any SA nurse job.

    You would be in the same position as my wife : no restrictions on working, or conditions on the visa.

    The 457 is apparently the easest way to get into the country (some see it as a loophole, its in the news a fair bit, it might have been tightened up recently). Once you're here, there may be several options for perm res visa. 857 is again the easiest to get, I was told, so long as you can manage with the tie to the employer.

    Hope this helps, Good luck

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