Guest cunnah10

dialing a mobile from UK to Adelaide what do we dial first before it?

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    Guest cunnah10

    Forgotten what to dial first from the UK when dialing a mobile in Adelaide????:mad:


    Thought if i asked on here will find out quicker than anywhere else!!!!:wubclub:

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    Guest cunnah10
    Hi there Gill - Congratulations on the house sale by the way


    you need to put +61 in front of the number and remove the first zero



    Thanks Guys i knew you would be able to tell me what to dial!


    I'll feel better once those contracts are signed BUT feeling positive about the house now!


    Just wish they would hurry up with the confirmation about the visa!Agent keeps telling me be patient it will be "anytime"


    Be asking Andy for info about those footy teams for my 2 eldest (Jack 11 and David 7)

    Both in teams here and promised them we would get them sorted in oz asap!!!


    May see you soon!

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