Problems downloading med forms and police check form

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    Hi all, Has anybody had any problems downloading these forms once they have submitted their online visa application. We completed our application online and got to the final page giving a breakdown of all the further documents that we need to submit, eg certificates, passport photos etc. Unfortunately we did not have any success in downloading the medical and police check forms - the site seemed to freeze. Does anybody know where we can download these forms from. Any help would be appreciated. It is so frustrating.

    Thanks again

    Alison x:confused:

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    Guest chillyanna

    my question is similar to the one above.

    i would like to know if there is a certain official form that needs to be taken along when going for a medical and is there a link to down load them?.

    i have a official looking australian government form 26 but as i read it it seems to me that it is for people already in australia, and also are there any other things need to take along to the medical?


    any more info would be welcomed



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