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Top 5!!!!!!!!

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    Guest markshelley

    HI ALL,


    Please would all you guys on PIA give us your TOP 5 places of districts you would most like to live in and why?


    Just in case i have over looked somewhere stunning that you guys have found.

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    I like Blackwood/Belair/ Coromandel Valley area

    Semaphore / Largs Bay

    Aldinga but it's too far away for me.

    Colonel Light Gardens

    Stirling/ Upper Sturt/ Aldgate


    and because the above would be realistically priced for me the following is just a dream


    Bang slap on Brighton Esplanade or South Esplanade at Glenelg overlooking the beach!

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    Guest HALT

    We live in coromandel Valley which is nice but rural.

    I love Glenelg and Brighton - pricey.

    Also really like stonyfell and Burnside but also a bit pricey.


    Depends on budget and if you want country, coromandel reminds me of the dorset countryside.

    Glenelg vibrant but must be a nightmare in the summer - haven't been there in the summer yet though.

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    Guest Rob and Clare

    If money was no object then..




    North Adelaide

    Unley Park



    These are all classy areas, with the lowest crime, highest property prices, nicest restuarants / pubs, they are the best places....


    For realistically priced areas...


    Mawson Lakes - well i would say that, but it's a great mix of lifestyle with facilites no area can match, and 15 mins from the beach.

    West Lakes - Near Footy park, and one of the best shopping centres outside the city, the lakes abuzz with activity and still near the beach too.

    Henley Beach - The best beach area of adelaide, offers a great lifestyle...

    Tea Tree - loads of facilities, great track along the torrens from the hills through the city to the beach for cycling, and it's quite a green area, you'll miss the green in the summer

    Gawler - On the edge of the barossa, land prices are so cheap, so the dream home is more within reach, for less than we paid for our house, friends have a huge plot, 5 bedroom house, large pool, spa, massive pergola, and a playground for the kids... The facilities up there though are a bit poorer....

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