Guest Shy Ted

Credit Crunch

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    Thanks for posting this link. It's really interesting. It will however take me ages to read all the comments on the article......

    I was wondering why the exchange has got better in the last couple of days. If Australia suffers a house price drop like we are suffering here it can only be good news for those of us moving over (if we can sell in the first place). Australia always seems to be a few months behind what is going on here.


    Back in the 80's there used to be a saying 'If America sneezes, Australia catches a cold'.

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    Guest Aussie pat

    Hi Shy Ted,


    We really appreciate your posting these articles. My husband is an accountant and we are keeping our fingers crossed exchange rate is in our favour when our house sale completes. Sent over some money last Monday and exchange rate went up during week. Are now kicking ourselves we didn't wait a few days. It's a bit of a lottery at the moment.



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