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Farewell Goldie....

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    A very sad day in the Monaghan household last Friday as we awoke to find that Goldie, the children's goldfish had sadly become an "ex-goldfish".:sad: We ummed and ahhd for a while over whether to tell our daughter Hattie who is 4 and in the end decided it was best to be honest. So I sat her down and explained that Goldie had died in the night, it was very sad but these things happen etc etc and she seemed to take it all in her stride. So, I scooped Goldie out of his bowl and transported him to the toilet for his final journey and we said a few words about how we would miss him and he was the best goldfish in the world and that was that, I flushed the loo and away went Goldie. Didn't really think too much about it after that until Hattie came up to me and asked "Does everything die Mummy?" Again, I thought it best to be honest and said "Yes, everything dies eventually but smaller animals die sooner than bigger animals and bigger animals die sooner than people. And for every creature that dies, another in born in it's place" She seemed satisfied with this answer until I found her crying quietly in her bedroom a short while later. "Darling what's wrong?" I ask, guessing it's something to do with the fish. "Oh mummy", wails my daughter, "who will flush me down the toilet when I die???":cute:

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    Aaargh what a gorgeous question from Hattie, that is so sweet :wubclub:.


    We have 2 also, Sugar & Spice, I dread that day as Thomas loves them to bits & they are placed by his bed so he can look after them day & night, bless.

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