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475 timescales questions

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    We are intending to apply for a 475 visa & have a couple of questions please:


    1. How long after the visa is granted to we have to enter Australia to validate the visa?


    2. The 475 Visa is for 3 years - when does this 3 years start from? When the visa is granted, or when the visa is validated?


    Hope you can help!



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    Guest Lulujim

    Hi I hope this info helps (from my agent):

    The visa is valid for 3 years from the date the visa holder makes their first entry into Australia.

    The Skilled – Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) is the permanent visa specifically designed for holders of a provisional skilled visa who wish to apply for permanent residency. The application fee is AUD$195 (currently). The application is processed through the Brisbane Processing Centre. I do not know how long the processing times are.

    Please see for further information.

    You need to validate the visa in under a year after your meds/police checks were done (whichever was first). Lots of people wait for a Case Officer before doing these, esp witht he current housing market - but you can front-load them like we did as long as you are certain you will be out in Oz before the year is up!

    Alexis x

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    Thanks for the info Alexis, it's good to know that the 3 years doesn't start until you get there!!

    We've a long way to go yet but as they say, if you fail to plan you plan to fail

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