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Guest lynne

Schools with small classes

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Guest lynne

Does any one know of any schools with small classes.


I am looking for a school either state or private in the Adelaide area.


I have a 12 year old son with Austism who is of normal intelligence but needs a school with small classes.


We are going to find a suitable school for our son first and than we will choose where to live.


Any advice will be welcome.



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I don't know if your son will be still in Primary when you come, but there are some small schools,


Kirinari Community school in Unley has small classes, it is a private primary school.

Some of the Christian schools have small classes too. Try Bethesda, Temple, if religion is not an issue.

The Lutheran Private schools are usually very accepting and work to fit students in. Concordia and Immanuel Colleges, both of these are high schools.


I may think of some more later.



State Primary schools will usually have 25-30 kids, but you might be able to get extra help.

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Guest TC for short

There's an outfit called Autism SA in (I think) Marion Road. My guess is that they are some sort of support charity/foundation. They should have some ideas. I'll try to find out some more & keep you posted.



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Hi Lynne,


My son has similar problems,

I can recommend West Lakes Shore school.

Its not small classes about 27 in a class but they were so quick to assess him here and get him some one on one teaching they are very firm on making kids as independant as poss and my son is defo more organised than he was.

Unfortunatly the situation is that he got a lot of help in each class in England and only 4 hours per week here.

Private may be more im unsure.


Hope this helps



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I have a friend with three boys aged between 8 and 14. One is autistic, one is highly gifted. I asked her why she chose the school she did and she said she had done a lot of research into how schools handled the two extremes, and this was the one that impressed her most. Obviously everyone is very different and there are many types of autism, but for a main-stream school with good special needs, she reckoned St Ignatius (private school, primary in Norwood, senior in Athelstone) was the best she'd looked at. Might be worth putting on your list of places to consider anyway.


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