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Guest Aus_xena

Hello Everyone!

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Guest Aus_xena

Hi All.



I'm new to your site, Must admit i've been reading the logs on this forum for a few months, but never logged in!


So this is my first time and want to say hi. And tell you about Myself and my family.


I am Australian :) I and my 2 daughters have been living in the UK for the past 2 years. My british Husband now wants to move and go to Aus. We have only just applied for his Visa.


i am originally from Perth WA. Lovely place, but my family and friends tell me it's expensive, house and all. (i wish i didnt sell my home 2 years ago) so from their advice we looked into moving to Adelaide, neither Myself nor my husband have been there and hope it's nice to live and cheaper.


We have been looking to live in the Seaford area. it's cheap and i dont read any bad news about it :)


We have been reading about the crime in Elizabeth.gawler Area and i was worried, so that area put us off. I do know some area's are different, and im sure you could live just around the corner from a bad area and it's beautiful. (aussies are scared) LOL.(ME)


i would Love to hear from people who could tell me what area's are nice and Not.please Honesty is very welcome.


Also please tell us Where the best Curry house is. My Husband loves his Tikka Masala and he is worried he might not get a good one in Adelaide. :)


oh please anyone who could help us with finding Accommodation would be excellent and very helpful to us.


Looking to going early October 08. i have looked for the Aussie rentals. but they are fully booked :sad:. And Roo rentals. All information would be helpful.



Linda 30, Nick 29, Katelin 14,Georgia 11 and Joshua 5 1/2 Months .

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Guest caoimhe

Hi Linda

Welcome to PIA


As regards areas to live I know as much as you, Elizabeth is apparently not very nice but not sure on other areas.


For a curry check out this PIA thread, there seems to be no doubt this is the best place in Adelaide




Hope you enjoy the site and good luck with the move

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Guest Aus_xena

Thank you caoimhe,


My husband will be pleased to find a good curry :)


(We have to keep the other half happy ) :)


I can't wait to get to Adelaide.


Linda, Nick, Katelin, Georgia and Joshua.

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Hi Linda and welcome to PIA! Seaford Rise is a nice area about 40 minutes south of Adelaide CBD. It's one of the areas that many Brits go to, there's good shopping there and some lovely beaches nearby. Can't really give you advice on the north of Adelaide though, I only know my way around the south! Am sure someone will give you further info at some point! Good luck.:)

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