Some Advice Required !!!

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    Before I apply for my 475 Visa can anyone help me with some concerns I have?


    1. Both my partner and I are single parents with one child each to a different parents. We have both been told by the absent parents that they will refuse to let their child go to Australia with us. What is the process regarding this from a Visa application point of view? Also from a legal point of view, I am aware that both of our absent parents have some legal parental responsibilities towards our children, which ultimately give them a say on where their child should emigrate to Australia or not.


    2. Regarding checking up on job references, I have had many jobs, some where the company has gone into Liquidation/Insolvency therefore cannot provide a reference from that and then some other jobs will not provide me with a job reference and if they did it would be a bad one. How many references will be required?


    3. I have many jobs what are on the SOL List but in the past 4 years I have many jobs on that list and not one of these jobs have been longer than 6 months. In the past year I have had a job for 5 months and another for 7 months, does this cause a problem, does my current job, which is on the SOL List have to be for a full year or can as long as my jobs are on the SOL List it will be ok?


    I very much appreciate any help and we look forward to your replies.....


    Tony and Family (Newcastle upon Tyne)

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    Guest Nick11

    My advice would be to find good agent.

    We used go matilda - the first call and chat are free.


    With regards to the kids - looks like it will be a long drawn out process - if you check out - you will find a lot of posts of people who have gone through this process.

    Be prepared for a fight.


    Good luck

    Nick x

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    Definitely think you need an agent for this Tony. I know they cost more than going it alone but they will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. Good luck with everything.

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