Have you gone 495 Temp to Perm Resident ?

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    495 Temp to Perm Resident- Has anyone been through this process lately..........

    I was wondering if anyone who came out on a 495 temp Visa and is now a Perm resident can give me some info.

    I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but want to make sure I am collating the correct info for when we eventually apply for Residency.

    So if anyone could help with the following questions I would really appreciate it.

    • What documentation do you need I.e. rent receipts ? Copies of Bills ? Reference from employers ? etc.
    • What approx costs are Involved ? a Few hundred dollars or a few Thousand ?
    • Do you apply as a Family or individuals ?
    • Do all family members require another Medical ?
    • What are the timescales involved roughly from applying to getting full residency status ?
    • What was your general opinion of going through the process ?

    Any other advice/help would be great..........



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    Guest Devon

    Hi Michelle

    After having only come back from the UK 3 weeks ago having spent 3 months there sorting out my visa we are now starting this part!

    I have been speaking to immigration this week and have been advised to lodge 887 on line as this will be quicker although still could take 6 - 10 months!

    The bad part for us is basically they want all information again (only just done all that although suppose that means at least I've got it all to hand)!It is also advised to keep any rental receipts, utility bills and basically proof that you have lived in SA for two years and worked for at least one (the main holder anyway as I wasn't allowed to work)!

    The good news is to not get confused over the fees on website it seems. We were shocked as it said first installment was $195 and 2nd installment over $2000. They told me that it will only cost $195 for the 887 as we already have paid when doing the 495..(You will need to check this but surely it should be the same)

    The $195 is for the visa application so all those included on the visa request will mean that the whole visa will be $195 great news for us after just spending out all that dosh for mine including the flights!!!!!

    We have also been advised to hold back on medical and police reports until these are requested. One due to the time scale and secondly it may only be OH who has to do this as mine were only recently done

    Hope this helps but am sure someone out there has completed the whole process recently and can advise further!

    Good luck


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    Shouldn't you be working mate?

    Is Cam okay today?



    yeah i should be !! ha ha,


    He was fine last night and good this morning !! its a bit of a wierd one really ?


    Have a good day !!

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    Guest Devon

    That's ok. Hope it was of some help - I was taking a break from all that on line form filling at the time. The trouble is that when you do it on line you have to send all documents electronically as well - nightmare! If you send them by post the lady told me it holds things up!

    Good luck and take care


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