Vetassess - time limit?

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    I was just wondering if anybody knew if there is a time limit from when you receive a positive Vetassess to applying for your Visa, and also once you have passed the paper based assessment is there a certain time limit in which you have to do your practical (Joinery)


    If anybody knows that would be great.


    For all you lucky people who have just received your Visa - Congratulations. :notworthy:


    Joanne x

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    Hi Joanne


    Hope you're both well.


    Can't answer with regard to time limit, but once you get the results for the paper based assessment you should also get dates for the practical. We got a choice of two - July or October - we filled in the form with our choice for July but were really close to the cut off date, so we just had to wait and see which one we got in for, thankfully we got in for July!


    Hope this helps a little. Hows things going your end?



    Kim x

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