Help please!!

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    Hi all,


    we answered the ad for the spa for sale by one of our other PIA members.


    The problem is this, it is an inground spa and we live in a rental, therefore can't put it inground.


    We are wanting to know if there are any joiners out there who would be willing to make up a frame for us to support all the pressure points on the spa so that we can use it above ground until we have the opportunity to buy our own place and then put it in ground. Or whether this has to be done as I have checked on a few websites and according to them a portable spa is only a spa with an encasement round it to take the bad look away.


    I'm getting confused now. So would I need a frame work to support the spa or would a strong casing hold it. If any of you do have a portable spa could you do me a favour and look behind the casing (if it is possible) to see whether or not it is supported with anything other than the casing.



    I know this is a long shot, but just thought I would ask before we buy it and I don't want to leave the lovely bev hanging on any longer so that she can get a buyer.


    We have already had another PIA member who deals with pools and spas, who said it would be risky, but just wanted to ask again just incase there is the slightest chance that it would be possible without the spa cracking.


    Any advice and information greatly appreciated as always. :notworthy:

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    Guest Nick11

    Only advice I can give here is that we have had no end of trouble with our new spa. The slightest knock etc - and they stop working and are a bugger to fix.

    We are still struggling to get ours working 3 months after it broke - and the company we bought it from have been excellent in sending out repairmen.

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