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Guest Ellie

Decided to sell house

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    Guest Ellie

    Hi Guys,


    Haven't posted for weeks. Got married 19th July and had a fantastic day. We had all our paperwork leading up to the wedding and I just couldn't get in too it with so much going on. Anyway Max has got work now but not long term. His unemployment for a while been a big kick in the teeth and the building getting worse so we have decided to sell the house and rent. We can rent a 4 bedroom house for half our mortgage. I'm hoping we will be accepted into OZ and prepared to risk it. Once we get visas at least we won't have a house to sell. Been a big decision as Mom and Dad live with us. They are going to rent a seperate property and stay here for a couple of years and come out to us. With the house prices falling and electric and gas supposed to be increasing again before the end of the year I'd rather sell now and get it over with. If Oz falls through at least we will be renting for much less than our mortgage so will be financialy better off.


    Was thinking of selling and renting back but thanks to you guys we are NOT going down that path.


    Nice to be reading the threads again. I'm all enthusiastic and raring to go again. Good luck to eveyone!! I think we are all doing the right thing with the way England is going. Even if it doesn't work out at least we won't be sat here saying 'what if' in 5-10 years time. I have not had one person try and talk me out of it.

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