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Computer Upgrade Kit For Sale

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    Due to me having the upgrade bug, I'm selling the "innards" from my current system.


    Gigabyte GA-8I865G775-G-RH (RH = Lead Free)

    - 4 x DDR memory slots - 4GB max.

    - 1 x 8x AGP slot

    - 2 x SATA 300 ports

    - 2 x UDMA/IDE ports

    - 5 x PCi slots

    Genuine Intel Pentium D 945 Processor (2 x 3.4GHz cores with 2 x 2MB L2 cache)

    2GB DDR400 RAM (2 x 1GB chips)

    Asus Nvidia 6200 Graphics card




    PC is currently running Windows Vista Ultimate and is used as a central file server/Media Center PC/Movie Server, running 2 x digital TV cards.


    Price includes installation of hardware and your Operating System and applications.



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