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Guest Jen & Did

Whatever happened to summer?

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    Guest Jen & Did

    Hi to all,


    Just thought I'd have a moan about the weather as its SUCKS big time :arghh:.


    The last time we have any decent weather I slept through it as I was on nights and have not seen any since. Have put on MSN the weather here and in Adelaide and its warmer and sunny there currently.


    To add to a further moan regarding how slow NSBA are and how infurating the occ health are at the RAH!


    I've just found out the reason I haven't got my registration is because they haven't asked me for the verification from the NMC. Another two weeks of more waiting.


    As for the RAH they kept giving back me my application form regarding my eyesight as I am short shighted. So I've had to get a eye test which was due soon but still £117 further down the drain and hopefully fourth time lucky on returning application form.


    Thanks for reading my moan



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