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SIR495 Visa

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    When do the 3 years start from ?


    I am sure this type of question is asked a lot on this visa class, but my agency have confirmed the following:


    The policy advice on this is VERY CLEAR. Applicants MUST make their first entry date before medical clearances are invalid (12 months as stated).When you are GRANTED the visa the clock starts ticking on your 3 years to meet the requirements for further applications. On the visa you MAY see in someone passport you will see a quote along the lines of “must not enter after 00/00/00.” This date is when the visa expires (exactly 3 years from GRANT) & by this time you must apply for another visa to remain legally in Australia as you will be at all times a TEMPORARY RESIDENT who must of by then also met initial entry requirements. THEREFORE you MUST meet the conditions placed upon the visa you have to go to the next stage.

    You can apply for an extension at the other end for a further year (needs to be an excellent reason!!) but the initial entry date(12 months from meds) is something I would NOT advise you to compromise!!!


    Di agrees with the agency.


    I would appreciate anyone elses advice. Thanks Angela 8)

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    Guest dglamoore

    Hi Angela


    This goes against everything I have read regarding an offshore application for an SIR 495. This is a reply from our agent Alan Collett at Go Matilda -


    SIR visa granted to offshore applicants is valid for 3 years from the date of your first arrival in Australia.


    This means that applicants can apply for permanent residence after 2 years from date of arrival providing that they have lived for 2 years and worked full-time for at least 12 months in a regional or low population growth metropolitan area.


    and from skilled migration dept at DIMIA -


    The policy on the SIR visa says that visas granted to offshore applicants are valid for 3 years from the date of the first entry


    You have to enter oz 12 months from meds at the latest to validate and this then starts the 3 year countdown. If the three years started from the date of the visa issue surely people with this visa would not have time to go over for a reccie, come back and sell a house and then return to complete 2 years before visa runs out.


    I would get in touch with your case officer direct to clarify as this is so different to anything else I have read. Your agent has also misinformed you regarding citizen changes in January and this is now thought to be happening July1st.


    Hope everything becomes clearer for you soon as it is confusing enough without different dates and advice being given :D


    To put your mind at rest I would ask on the 'other' side too - you will receive quite a few replies on there as there are a lot of SIR holders already in oz that will answer :D


    Lisa x

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    Guest hayls

    Hi you guys,

    I have just posted a message on news and gossip before i read this sorry :?

    I have written exactly what is on my visa i know mine is different,136 sub class but thought it might help, i was led to believe the same as lisa, once you have activated your visa within that 12 month from your medicals the pressure was off so as to speak, but like i say mine might be different :!:


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    Guest paulocon

    HI all,


    Now i'm even more confused - I thought the SIR 495 visa was initially a 2 year visa with an option to add a further year if you had not met the criteria during the 2 years (is this correct) and also I have been told by my agent (ASA) that after the 2 years has expired if I have worked for a period of 12 months in full-time employment during this 2 years that I can then apply for PR immediately (as we want to move states after the 2 years as soon as we have gained PR). Again, does anyone know if this is correct!!


    Surely we shouldn't all be getting conflicting imformation and advice should we!!


    Help!!!!!!!!! :x :!:



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    Thanks Everyone - I am so frustrated with the agency. :x


    I am going to request that they contact the CO to get clarity, I have nothing to lose ! :!:


    They may not like me much, but I have read the thread on the 'other' side & I am moving more towards agreeing with Lisa.


    I have emailed a friend in Sydney, she's a bright spark! & asked her to look over the details for me with 'fresh eyes'.


    Sometimes I read what I want to read which doesn't help.



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    ITS OFFICIAL - the SIR495 3 years start from your




    Here is the agencies reply:

    So you must be inside Australia within that 12 months & I can also confirm that the 3 years does in fact start from your first entry into Australia as per your email from the skilled migration unit below.


    I must say it caused quite a conversation amongst several agents as we are obliged to follow the regulations & this is a stated “policy” (the two can vary wildly!!)decision but I suppose that’s government departments for you!


    I am a happier person now


    Merry Xmas


    Angela :D:):D:)

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