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    Thought I'd just write this down as this might be useful for some of you, We have just had our removal company take the last of our things today after 4 days of constant packing,


    Day one they came and just wrapped and loaded boxes up left them stacked in each room,

    Day two collected these labelled them all with numbers so we can mark them off at the other end,

    Day three emptyed garage, shed and loft labelled them all even wrapped the garden rake and had its own number,

    Day four beds, fridge, washing machine, settee, computers and television all gone but my laptop.


    Everything has gone back to a warehouse and then is being loaded on a crate tomorrow 12th September expected arrival date in Adelaide 6th November then its however long it take to get through quarantine, maybe someone else could answer this.



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    Hello Julie

    Thanks for posting that, all is helpful to everyone coming to Oz.

    Just wanted to also let others know we got told (in England) our container would take 3-5 days to get through immigration/quaranteen it actually took 3 weeks!! Had to beg and borrow and rough it till it arrived!! Luckily we had some good friends x

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