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    Guest countdown1975

    Hi everyone,


    have been looking at other posts so thought I would add one myself. I am originally from Devon but my hubbie is irish and we currently live in Laois. He is a butcher and I work in Accounts payable. He got his skills assessed and we finally sent off our 176 visa application last week.


    The big wait begins. I am starting to panic now because I have heard so many different stories about how long visas take etc etc. We decided to do the applications ourselves as some of the agents were so expensive and we are trying to save pennies where we can.


    I am now worried about selling our house - we bought it 2.5 years ago and in hindsight wish I had never bothered as the prices have fallen by about €30k. We do have some savings but we were hoping to get some money from the sale of the house. I have seen a number of people are now looking at remortgaging and trying to rent their house out until the market picks up. I am not sure if we could do this as we live in a commuter town and the kind of rent you could expect to get wouldn't cover the mortgage :-(


    Anyway just thought I'd say hi


    Vicki (32) and Dave (30)

    Laois, Ireland

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    Guest Roo1

    Hi Vicki,


    Welcome to PIA. I think a lot of people out there are in your position. Chin up and fingers crossed the house sells.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Judi x:wubclub:

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