Grange or brighton

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    Hi all, can you please advise to which is the best subburb between Grange and Brighton for rentals,schools,transport,shopping and for kids aged 13yrs and 10yrs.:dull:

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    Guest Zippy

    Between Grange and Brighton. Ok...


    Grange, and the next suburb of Henley Beach, are quite prestigious beach suburbs (being very close to the city, lots of facilities, etc), and as such are quite expensive. However the schools in this area are good for teenagers. There is Henley HIgh School (public), which is an elite sporting school, as well as performing quite well in academics etc. Plus a few private schools. There are plenty of good public primary schools within a few kms of these beach suburbs (including grange primary school, and henley primary school within the actual suburbs). Transport in the Henley and Grange area is fantastic - there is a train line, as well as multiple bus lines. Very close to a big shopping centre (West Lakes).


    Moving further along you get to West Beach, which I would not recommend so much, as it does not have nearly as many facilities as other beach suburbs.


    Then you get on to Glenelg Beach, which is basically a tourist kind of beahc, lots of hotels and backpacker hostels. Obviously there are still fulltime residents in the suburb, but it is very busy (esp in summer) with tourists and beach goers. I would not recommend Glenelg for these reasons, plus rent is more expensive, the beach is not as nice as others, not as many schools, etc. Glenelg does have a tram line direct in to the city though.


    Then you get more along to the Somerton Park/Brighton area. Brighton is on a similar par as Henley Beach reputation wise. Brighton High is also comparable to Henley High, in that it has very good sports programs at the school. Academics at Brighton would probably be higher than at Henley. You need to be within a certain distance of Brighton High to be accepted. Transport is good in Brighton, as there is a direct train line to the city. Close to a big shopping centre (Marion).


    Ultimately, if you can afford it, I would recommend Henley, Grange, or Brighton.

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