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Temp visas and finance

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    Hi everyone,


    Just wanted to ask a few questions with regards to managing financially on a temp visa. I have noticed many of you saying you are struggling financially or are worse of than you were in the UK. I'ts just from the research iv'e done my OH occupation salary is similar to that in the UK. I appreciate occupations differ. After researching rent,bills and shopping and speaking to friends i have over there they have all said it is marginally cheaper.


    I understand many of you have families and are not entitled to the benefits such as health and family assistance. That is why i am wondering if many of you are struggling financially short term untill you get PR or do some of you have PR and are still struggling? Some of my friends out there on PR are entitled to as much as £900 a month with the husband working full time and they have 5 children. So i am presuming once you gain PR the financial situation will ease. In a nutshell i am curious to know why so many of you are struggling when the cost of living, correct me if i am wrong is marginally cheaper. I would welcome any opinions on this matter as i have friends moving out there soon with children, and fingers crossed myself and Tom in the near future.


    Thanks Jo

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