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help with rentals

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    Guest lazymazy

    hi, could someone surgest a place for our inlaws to stay when they come to visit. thet need somewhere for a month 14th feb to 12th march 2008. any surgestions would be great.


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    Guest salisbury massive

    Shes in Highbury though, thats a long drive every day to pick them up.


    Have you had a look at Levi Park, its close to the City, near Paradise so not far from you in Highbury


    Or you could try Highway One Tourist Park, its on the main Port Wakefield Road going towards the Yorke Peninsular but only maybe 20 minutes drive from Highbury, the site is clean and tidy, there is a pool, I guess the only downside would be the busy road.


    Or maybe a bit further north in Gawler, this site is on Main North Road again about 20 minutes drive and close to Gawler for shopping etc. Its close to the Barossa Valley for trips etc.


    i'll see if I can find you some B & B's closer by, don't forget to haggle on the price since they will be there a month, its expected. Unfortunately we don't have the amount of places to stay up North like the south with beaches. For a real rocking time you could try Elizabeth Motor Inn, they've got a pool, spa and an in house mugger - that was a joke by the way - really I'm just joking, don't try it.




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